What is 24Grey?

24Grey Pvt Ltd. is a T4M, technology for marketing, company. We have over 50 years of combined marketing, advertising, sales, technology and product development experience between us. Our team has worked with organizations such as Samsung, Philip Morris, United Nations, JWT, Pizza Hut, Ogilvy & Mathers, Google, Amazon and many more. Outnet is the first product by 24Grey to leave beta testing and be available for consumer use.

What is Outnet?

Outnet is a revolutionary cloud based system that allows advertisers to conduct outdoor advertising campaigns as easily as they post a message on facebook. The system provides access to 1000’s of sites and 100’s of vendors to provide bigger inventory and best quotes. For vendors Outnet provides access to 100’s of clients all over the country, reducing their marketing costs and increasing their site utilization.

Is my data safe on Outnet?

Outnet is protected by rock solid SSL certificates and encryption technologies that ensure that you and only you alone have access to your data.

Is Outnet technology reliable?

Our database and technology is hosted on Amazon servers which provide network infrastructure to other clients such as AirBnB, Spotify, Pinterest, Yelp, Unilever and the US Government.

How can I track my billing / payment status on Outnet?

On your Outnet dashboard, you can see your previous campaigns and your billing / payment history. The system also shows your previous invoices and the due date for your next bill / payment.

How can Outnet help me?

Outnet is designed to make your life easy when it comes to outdoor advertising. You don’t have to deal with multiple vendors and dozens of powerpoint presentations. You don’t have to create your campaigns based on only what your vendor has available. With Outnet you can choose exactly the sites you want and get best quotes possible with availability information in the time it takes you to finish a cup of coffee.

How can I create a campaign on Outnet?

Click on the Create New Campaign link on the left side of your screen. Use the powerful filters to define the kind of sites you are looking for. Click on the sites you want in map or list view and add them to your campaign. When you’re happy with your campaign, click the Submit for RFQ button and you’re done.

How do I know if the quote I get on Outnet is the lowest possible?

Outnet relies on quotes from at least 3 vendors for each site out of which only the lowest quote is included in the final campaign price quote. Some popular sites in key locations could receive upwards of 20 quotes, ensuring that clients get the best possible rate for each site.

Can I negotiate individual billboard prices?

Outnet relies on quotes from at least 3 vendors for each site and forwards you the lowest quote only. This built in price comparison removes the need for negotiations on individual sites. If you believe the quote you have received for a site is too high, it could be due to higher seasonal demand such as during Ramadan or competing brands driving up the price for it.

Can I do annual contracts for individual sites on Outnet?

Yes, you can select the campaign duration up to one year and add the sites you would like to utilize. Rest of the process works exactly as it would for any other campaign.

I don’t have the time to build a campaign, can Outnet do it for me?

Yes, our outoMatic (coming soon) feature allows you to provide campaign specifications and have our expert media planners email you a campaign along with pricing and availability. The time it takes to receive this campaign plan is exactly the same as when you build the campaign yourself.

Is there a bulk discount?

Outnet offers very high price efficiency for campaigns as small as one board to as large as one thousand boards. Depending on the size of the campaign, Outnet can offer a bulk discount of between 2% and 5%.

What is the payment mode?

Due to the B2B nature of the transaction, it takes place fully offline. Once you authorize a campaign on Outnet our Outreach Team will visit you to sign the contract and finalize the payment terms. We accept direct bank transfers, pay orders, post dated cheques and current cheques as valid forms of payment.

What are the payment terms for campaigns on Outnet?

We require 25% advance payment, 25% on installation of the campaign and 50% after campaign completion. This payment plan ensures that the financial liability is fairly shared between the vendor and the client.

My organization doesn’t pay for services in advance, can I still use Outnet?

Yes, our Outreach Team will be happy to create a flexible payment plan for your campaign. We can easily delay the advance payment and merge it with the installment due on installation.

What sort of contract will I have to sign?

Our contract is a very simple and easy to read legal document that describes the nature of services provided, payment terms and details the inventory that is being contracted. We do request that the contract be signed by senior most personnel in Finance / Accounts and Marketing / Brand.

Can we sign an MOU or a contract that our organization has?

Yes, we will be happy to sign a different document alongside our standard contract, provided that the two documents don’t contradict each other.

What will be my tax liability for a campaign conducted on Outnet?

24Grey, thus Outnet, is registered with FBR and SRB for all local applicable taxes such as GST. Applicable taxes and their mode of disbursement can be discussed at contract signing to ensure that Outnet works with your existing corporate processes.

What happens when my selected sites are not available?

At times it will happen when a few of your selected sites are not available, meaning they are already in use or we did not receive at least 3 quotes for them. In such a situation, quote for your other sites will stay valid. To add more sites you will need to create another campaign and generate a new RFQ.

How long does the process take from creating a campaign to execution?

We aim to respond back to each RFQ within 3 working days. After authorization and contract signing, which could be in as little as 1 working day, we request for a minimum of 10 days to print and install a campaign.

Can I drop or change a few sites in the middle of a campaign?

Vendors provide their quotes based on your requested campaign time. In most cases it is not possible to drop a site in the middle of a campaign without a financial penalty. Rarely, in long term campaigns, site list can be adjusted if the relevant vendor already has a client for the dropped site and agrees to waive the remainder amount of the contract.

Can Outnet handle non-standard signages?

We handle non-standard signs, such as cutouts and island brandings, offline because they use varying levels of inputs that can not be compared in an apples to apples scenario. Please send an email to hello@24grey.com and our Outreach Team will be happy to help you design and conduct an RFQ for it.

How frequently will the campaign be monitored?

Campaign monitoring updates are conducted on a daily basis. You will receive a daily update for your campaign from our third party monitoring partner.

How accurate is Outnet’s site classification data?

We use laser measuring devices, high accuracy GPS devices and on site human data collection for every single billboard. This accuracy is at the core of Outnet and is never compromised upon.

How updated is Outnet’s inventory database?

We conduct our full census sweep every 3 months but new sites are added on an ongoing basis upon recommendation and information provided by site owners and vendors.

Can I monitor my financial status on Outnet?

Yes, your dashboard shows you all your approved campaigns and their billing status.

How do I get internal approvals for campaigns I build on Outnet?

Outnet allows you to print out the campaign you build in a neat table along analytics of the media buy. You can then share this document internally and get the approvals you require before authorizing the campaign.

How can I compare Outnet quotes with my own vendors?

You can print the site list in a given campaign your existing vendors who can log on to Outnet to see details of each site and provide you with a correlating quote. Just remember to black out Outnet prices to keep a level playing field.

My CFO needs three quotes before approving the budget, can Outnet provide these?

Outnet provides you the lowest quote only for sites where we receive 3 or more quotes. The price comparison is already built in. If your CFO is not convinced, you can share the site list of a given campaign, printed from the campaign page, with your existing vendors who can log on to Outnet and provide you quotes for as many sites as they have access to.

I don’t have an artwork, can you make it for me?

Outnet has partnered with Naggo Productions, a highly qualified boutique advertising agency that specializes in Outdoor Advertising. The team at Naggo has worked on projects for Geo Television Network, Jang Group, United Nations, Meezan Oils, Habib Bank, Phillips, World Bank, Government of Punjab, Pfizer, WPP and many more. Prices for a new artwork start at Rs.20,000 and size customization could be as little as Rs.5,000 per size.

My organization only advertises through our agency, how can Outnet be of use to us?

Outnet can be used by your existing media buying or advertising agency to facilitate the media buying process. Your agency can create campaigns on Outnet and share them with you for approval. They can also conduct the RFQ through Outnet and ensure that they get the maximum ROI for your budgets. You can receive daily monitoring updates and supervise the process for validation and transparency.

What benefit do I get from using Outnet?

Outnet connects you to 100s of clients all over the country. Every time a client conducts a RFQ on Outnet, you will receive an SMS, Email and Phone Call requesting you to submit a quote. This allows you to increase the utilization rate for the sites you manage, reduce the time spent generating new business and focus on increasing your revenue.

How can Outnet facilitate me in selling my inventory?

If you are a billboard owner ensure that your site is accurately listed on Outnet. Whenever a client wants to contract your site Outnet will conduct the contract with them and manage the payment process, reducing the time, money and effort you need to get maximum utilization for your sites.

I am not tech savvy, how can I manage my account on Outnet?

Outnet is very easy to use. If you can use Facebook and Whatsapp, you can use Outnet. We have uploaded several video tutorials, in English and Urdu, in our Help section, they can help you master the site easily. If you still find it difficult to use the system, you can depute someone else in your office to manage the RFQ submission process on your behalf.

How soon can I expect my payment once a campaign finishes?

You will receive the payment within 10 working days of Outnet receiving the payment from the client. Our standard payment terms for clients are 60 days after campaign completion, which means that most vendors can expect to be paid within 70-80 days of a campaign finishing.

Who will print and install the skins?

We have highly specialized dedicated printing facilities in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. In order to ensure that skins are printed to each client’s specifications and standards, skin printing and approvals are managed centrally. Vendors can pick up skins in these cities from our printing locations, for other cities we will courier them to your registered address on Outnet.

How do I get paid?

You will receive a cross cheque from 24Grey for your total outstanding amount and in the name of your company or the account name that you have provided us.